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We were delighted that Ancoris was recognised as the winner of the Specialist Reseller of the Year 2011 against a strong competitive shortlist at the CRN Channel Award on 18th November 2011. This prestigious industry award was presented at Battersea Park with an audience of over 1600 people. There were several hundred entries over 10 main categories. The panel of judges included leading industry figures from vendors, channel organisations, the investment community and the media. Other winners on the night included IBM, Microsoft, EMC, Trustmarque, Softcat and Bytes Software Services.

In late 2009,  the Ancoris management team took the view that the SaaS model was not just a fad but an entirely new generation of computing.  We believed that the transition to the Cloud would present a great opportunity for Ancoris to deliver better customer value in difficult economic conditions.

In two years, the company has transformed its offerings to the extent that over 90% of our new business now comes from our activities as a cloud services solution provider.  Ancoris business is focussed on sales, deployment, training and support services for our cloud offerings which include Google Apps for Business, Google Postini Services and Cisco Scansafe and the secure integration with our customers on-premise and legacy infrastructure.

Our goal is to help our customers safely navigate their transition to cloud computing.  As experts in these new emerging technologies, we assist our clients to evaluate the suitability of cloud services for their business, guide them through the deployment phase and then provide full life-cycle support services not only for their IT teams but also change management and training for their end-users.

This award is a welcome endorsement of our decision to transition Ancoris and of the dedicated teamwork that has gone into making us the UKs leading specialist cloud services solution provider.

Thank you to our customers for giving us their trust, cloud partners for their support during our transition and our staff for their professionalism, expertise and enthusiasm. We look forward to continuing this progress throughout 2012.

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Tuesday, 10 November 2009 19:26

Cisco ScanSafe Web Security

scansafe_cisco_smCisco ScanSafe is a cloud hosted web filtering service which enables you to create, enforce and monitor Web usage policies. Layering real time rule-based filters with up-to-date and accurate categorization database, Web Filtering enforces your organization's acceptable usage policy, protecting you from the legal liabilities of inappropriate content, reducing bandwidth congestion and improving employee productivity.

As the amount of time spent browsing the Internet continues to rise, the problems associated with providing unmonitored and unregulated Internet access steadily increase. ScanSafe is fully managed and puts you in control of how your employees use the Internet. The service delivers best-of-breed filtering with streamlined configuration.


ScanSafe supports a variety of deployment options and protects both on-site and roaming/remote workers.


WIRe - Web Intelligence Reporting


Historically reporting, specifically for Web traffic, has been fairly inflexible and shallow. This used to be sufficient, however as the Web has evolved into a critical communication and application platform, the requirement for in-depth reporting capabilities has grown in importance.

As the Internet moves from being just an informational resource to become a business critical connection, the cost associated with misuse of this resource has increased. If a business suffers from bad performance on their Internet connection, business, and revenues can suffer. It is therefore necessary to understand who, and why users are utilizing this key link to the world, and quickly identify and resolve any issues to avoid performance drain or downtime.

Web Intelligence Reporting records 75 attributes for every Web request, this vast volume of data collection provides granular insight into Web behavior, enabling business leaders to easily identify and view the data that is important to them. If a potential issue is identified, corrective measures can then be put in place.

In a stark difference to other reporting solutions that require hours, or even days to centralize data before reports can be run, Web Intelligence Reporting makes data available to be reported on within minutes, regardless of the geographical location of users “ effectively a real-time global view.

All reports can be accessed through the integrated management and reporting portal, as well as exported for use locally. With numerous output options including grid, bar chart, pie chart line chart and forensic level detail, administrators can customize how data should be displayed for the intended audience. Reports take only seconds to generate, saving time that can be spent on other business critical projects.

As expected with a SaaS solution, these capabilities are offered with no requirement to run any hardware or software on-premise, saving the cost of purchasing and deploying the storage, servers and databases that would traditionally be required, as well as the time and effort in managing and maintaining that additional infrastructure. With Web Intelligence Reporting you get the best of both worlds, more granular reporting and visibility, while reducing the cost and effort required.

With a combination of broad overview reporting, time based analysis and deep-dive investigation, Web Intelligence Reporting offers a multi-faceted view into the use of Web resources.

Policy Control - Web Filtering and Monitoring

  • Easily create different access policies to suit different areas of your business using a visual dashboard.
  • Create policies based on URL categories, content types and file types.
  • Use flexible URL red lists and green lists to provide access to specific content, or block all.
  • Enable recreational access at defined times of the day, or quotas by data transmitted.
  • Customize message to user when access is denied.
  • Leverage comprehensive activity reporting including Forensic Auditing by user, department or whole organization.
  • Enforce HTTPS traffic policy for greater control while continuing to respect the privacy of end users

Web Malware Protection

  • Outbreak IntelligenceTM heuristics engine
  • Up-to-date protection from latest malware including phishing, adware and spyware
  • Multiple Industry leading signature based virus engines
  • Ability to specify allowed ad sponsored software from comprehensive list
  • Customized alert messages, auditing and reporting
  • Forensic audit of infected computers to improve detection and clean up rates

How ScanSafe works


Cisco ScanSafe Web Security analyzes every Web request to determine if content is malicious, inappropriate or acceptable based on the defined security policy. This offers effective protection against threats including zero-day threats that would otherwise be successful.

Cisco ScanSafe Web Security is powered by Outbreak IntelligenceTM which is comprimised of numerous correlated detection technologies, automated machine-learning heuristics, and multiple "scanlets". Outbreak Intelligence builds a detailed view of each Web request and the associated security risk to ensure that ScanSafe customers use the Web safely.

Outbreak Intelligence scans over 1 billion Web requests a day, in real-time, stopping millions of malware instances and protecting thousands of the most demanding organizations around the world. Outbreak Intelligence scanlets analyze all elements of a Web request including HTML, JavaScript, Flash and active scripts, among others, which when coupled with numerous Context scanlets, offers multiple indicators as to the security posture of each Web request.

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