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Engage users with Google custom maps

Engage your users with Google Maps

The internet and social media have changed customers’ expectations and how they interact with businesses. Interactive Google custom maps and location apps give you the opportunity to engage with them more directly and to create visually rich web and mobile experiences.


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Why Google custom maps for retail

Use Google Maps as a visual tool to excite your shoppers and keep them longer on your site. A memorable user experience will increase conversions and higher returns. Moreover, the additional functionality of the familiar mapping tool will help you to stand out with:

  • Store locator using custom mapping with your own business data and styles
  • Indoor Street View (Business View)
  • Indoor location mapping
  • eCommerce applications
  • Geofencing applications for offers and vouchers
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Why Google custom maps for transport and logistics

As a public or private transportation company, you can use interactive custom maps and location apps to track fleets in real time and keep customers informed.  As a logistics and haulage business, you can use real time traffic and route information to update clients on delivery times.

Use Google Maps APIs and the familiar user interface of Google Maps to:

  • Track and view assets on a custom Google map
  • Provide live customer updates and information
  • Customise maps with your own business data and styles
  • Provide real time traffic updates and directions
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