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Culture change is key to digital transformation

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12th May 2014 / 2 min read

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Wearables and embedded devices to find their first business uses in 2014

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Trends and Technologies to watch in 2014

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24th June 2013 / 2 min read

Best Practice: Warwickshire Council chooses Cloud Skills e-learning for Google Apps migration:

28th March 2013 / 4 min read

With Google Apps, there is no lock-in but flexible contracts and a wide choice of partner solutions

11th December 2012 / 3 min read

The Channel Register - EU policy-makers roll out red carpet for cloud adoption

3rd October 2012 / 4 min read

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1st May 2012 / 5 min read

Top reasons to choose Google Apps over Office 365

3rd October 2011 / 2 min read

Is Cloud Computing a solution to the problem of project overruns?

21st July 2011 / 2 min read

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