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1 in 4 employees are now cloud workers, and the number will increase as more business apps move to the cloud. 

Disruptive digital technologies like cloud computing have produced a new kind of employee: the cloud worker. Cloud workers spend more than half their day working in cloud-based business apps, movings seamlessly between different devices. Resulting in improductivity, team collaboration and operational efficiencies.

In this download, we'll show you how to create a digital workplace that supports cloud workers and the top three challenges you'll need to address in order to prepare for the cloud worker, such as:

  Replacing ageing IT infrastructure, both in front of users and in the data centre by moving apps to the cloud.

   Reducing costs whilst deploying innovative technologies driven through digital transformation projects.

  Giving cloud workers  secure and easy access to company and customer data whilst they are on the move.

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Redesigning computing for the cloud worker

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