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10 reasons to leap into a collaborative new world with Google Workspace

The events of 2020 have shaken the workplace as we knew it. Faced with the need for hybrid working, businesses are questioning the way they work as new age cloud solutions provide a more collaborative and productive way of working.

Years ago, the move from manual paper based systems to computers revolutionised the way we worked and created many new benefits. Fast forward and with the current move from on-premise systems to cloud services, we have a similar opportunity to re-think the way people work, bringing them into a new age of collaboration and productivity.

10 reasons to leap into a collaborative new worlds with Google Workspace (1)

Explore ten smart ways that other organisations are using different aspects of Google Workplace and its cloud functionality to:

Get teams working together - faster, smarter but not harder

Improve communications beyond email

Centralise and share assets easily

Create intranets to collaborate on team projects

Reduce costs whilst increasing productivity

Empower staff to work anywhere, any time

Watch your costs go down as productivity goes up

Integrated tools such as Google Meet and Chat, Docs, Currents and Sites, come at no extra cost in Google Workspace.  Employees can communicate more effectively both within the company and with external partners, switching seamlessly to the most appropriate tool for the task.

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Google Apps became G Suite, became Google Workspace.  The product branding has changed along the years to reflect the improved functionality of the Cloud office suite.

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