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6 ways to connect mobile workers with Google Cloud

Keeping everyone on the same page can be a challenge and this is especially true when some of your employees are not in head office and therefore do not have access to corporate IT.

Many mobile workers are often left unconnected and without the latest information that's required to carry out their work. Digital technologies can help bridge the gap and ensure that the entire workforce is fully connected.

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Explore the ways in which Google Cloud technologies can connect your workforce and help you to:

Deliver projects on time

Simplify data collection processes

Easily share information with key stakeholder

Provide innovative technology that supports productivity

Communicate across multiple locations on any device

Provide access to corporate information from anywhere

Large proportions of mobile workers do not have access to corporate IT - there is a need for change.

"As a company, we wanted to address our pain points while keeping costs low. Underpinning it all was our mission to be the number one telco in Ireland. We were in the midst of a major transformation project, and we knew that Google Workspace could play a big part in helping us make it happen."

Roisin Clancy
Director of IT Operations, eir

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