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Total Economic Impact of Google Workspace report by Forrester

So you're thinking about moving to Google Workspace. Here's everything you need to know from ROI to productivity gains. 

Google Workspace offers a set of work applications that help organisations to transform their businesses and become more agile and collaborative.

To better understand the benefits and costs associated with moving to Google Workspace, Forrester have interviewed eight enterprise customers with years of experience using Google Workspace.

The results of this study have been combined into a framework, that will help you evaluate the potential financial impact of Google Workspace on your own organisation.

Forrester's Total Economic Impact for Google Workspace

Take a detailed look at the full report and explore:

Financial findings for both capex and opex

Key challenges before Google Workspace and the business benefits after deployment

Revenue growth leading to increased bottom-line profit driven by Google Workspace

Increased employee efficiency and productivity

IT productivity and efficiency gains

Forrester’s interviews with four existing customers and subsequent financial analysis revealed a 449% return on investment

“What we found with Google Workspace is, not only did we save all of this time through a central management platform, there are certain tasks that we never have to work on again, which has freed up time to take on bigger challenges, more productive challenges that drive value for our business.”
IT architect, property

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Google Apps became G Suite, became Google Workspace.  The product branding has changed along the years to reflect the improved functionality of the Cloud office suite.

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