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Take your business to the next level with geolocation and Google Maps

You can boost your business and improve your bottom line by adding geolocation also referred to as location-based services, to your operations.

Adding custom Google Maps features powered by geolocation APIs to your website, mobile apps and internal applications can help you to solve countless operational challenges. It will also help you to become more efficient, improve customer service and grow your business. 

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Taking your business to the next level with geolocation

Explore 13 ways that Google Location Services and the Google Maps Platform can benefit your business, including:

Live reliable asset management and fleet tracking

Improving sales and marketing results with geofencing

Using location data to make better business decisions

Creating revenue streams out with existing location data

Improving customer experience with omnichannel and more

40% of customers report increased productivity from using Google Maps

Location intelligence is about more than just visualising data on a map.

We work with organisations across the UK and Ireland to develop, deploy and manage their use of the Google Maps Platform APIs within Web and mobile applications.

We can help and advise you about your current service deployment, or develop the new application for you.


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