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Google Cloud and Looker: A guide to modern BI evaluations

The Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics platform market is crowded and constantly evolving, making it difficult for organisations to keep pace and take full advantage of innovative modern technology.

Buyers are faced with the difficult task of sifting through a complex and diverse array of BI and analytics products, and deciding on the best fit for their organisation with little guidance on what to look for and what exactly to base the decision on.

This guide is intended to help companies through this challenging process using a modern evaluation methodology and selection process to make an informed BI platform purchase decision.

Google Cloud and Looker - guide to BI

Understand how to assess and take full advantage of an innovative BI and analytics platform, including:

Identifying your business needs and what questions you need to ask yourself

Understanding your business users needs and framing your requirements

Diving into solution discovery and how to alignment with specific business challenge

Getting the most from platform demos and effectively reviewing cost structures

Planning the process and timeline of your evaluation to ensure a smooth execution

It’s time for a different approach in the way we select analytics and BI solutions

Patrick Locke, product owner for data and analytics at Causeway Technologies worked with Ancoris to overhaul their data strategy.

"By working with Ancoris, we’ve been able to create a single trusted source of cleansed and transformed data, held in BigQuery.

We've also developed interactive dashboards in Google Data Studio that draw on the same dataset to put information at the fingertips of multiple user groups.  

This has enabled us to deploy a scalable development pattern, which has decreased development times and provides greater visibility into the journey the data takes from source to being consumed by the end user.

We never have to worry about our data analytical needs as the Google Cloud Platform allows us to scale seamlessly whenever required."

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