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Google Workspace vs. O365 Impact on Business

Picking a productivity software suite for a company is no longer as simple a choice as it used to be. Microsoft Office, once the only option, is now competing against several alternatives, most prominently Google Workspace.

Google has commissioned Quadrant Strategies to independently examine and compare the effects of both softwares on the companies that use them—and not by lining up the feature sets of the two suites—by listening to what users say in companies using one of the suites compared to what users say in companies using the other suite; and doing that in a quantitative survey that provides statistical confidence in any differences.

Google Workspace vs O365

Take a detailed look at Google Workspace vs. O365 and learn more about the impacts in the following areas:

Team collaboration

Workplace communication

Satisfaction with IT departments

Mobile working

Access to information

Workplace culture

Choosing a productivity software suite for your business is no longer as simple a choice as it used to be

You need to consider how technology impacts workplace culture, the way in which your employees communicate and if you have the tools which enable you to promote mobile working and improve productivity.

When people use Google Workspace, they describe it as a transformative experience with no need to switch between applications. The fully integrated suite helps people work remotely, collaborate in new ways and focus time on impactful work. 

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Google Apps became G Suite, became Google Workspace.  The product branding has changed along the years to reflect the improved functionality of the Cloud office suite.

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