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4 reasons to use the cloud to store digital media assets

From content ingestion and creation, storage and archival, to video transcoding and distribution for live streaming, many organisations today are struggling to keep vast amounts of business data secure and accessible to all who need it.

Download our guide which looks at some of the reasons why cloud-based storage may be the right fit for your storage and archival needs.


Centralising your digital media assets into a cloud-based archiving and search platform can help you to:

Access your data, when you need it from anywhere at any time

Reduce your storage costs for unstructured data

Benefit from better security controls and encryption of your data

The rate at which we create, store and need access to data is growing by 40% each year

Much of that’s down to the increased use of high-definition images and video, as well as data coming from the Internet of Things and user-generated content.

Cloud-based archiving and search platforms let you focus on creating great content rather than worrying about infrastructure.

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