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Here are 4 reasons why business leaders choose Google Workspace over Microsoft 365

While there’s no single blueprint for how to manage your digital transformation programme, success depends on achieving excellence in one or two areas initially, such as mobile, customer experience or internal collaboration.

When it comes to choosing cloud-based tools, there are really only two players: Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

Here, we explain why Google Workspace is helping business leaders shift organisational culture to new ways of working.

FRONT COVER - 4 reasons business leaders choose Google Workspace over Office 365

So, why are decision makers at the most forward-thinking organisations choosing Google Workspace time and time again:

Remote working with security at every level

High levels of team collaboration

Smarter working using built-in intelligence

Seamless, intuitive integration between tools

Google Workspace provides people with better access to files, insights and knowledge, while reducing the time they spend on routine tasks

“Google is revolutionizing collaboration and individual productivity through AI, making it easier for our team members to streamline their workflows.

Employees can focus more on creating value for our customers and less on mundane tasks”

Barry Hensch, SVP, Technology
Enablement, ATB Financial

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Google Apps became G Suite, became Google Workspace.  The product branding has changed along the years to reflect the improved functionality of the Cloud office suite.

Get started today with 4 reasons to choose Google Workspace over Microsoft 365