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4 ways retailers are using cloud computing to compete

Whether you’re a price-based, premier or balanced retailer, there are a number of ways that your business can use cloud computing to stay competitive.

Download our  guide to explore real-life examples of how successful retailers are adopting a cloud-first approach to IT. 

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Explore the 4 main ways that the cloud supports retailers to:

Make better decisions by getting the most from data

Improve operations and employee engagement

Create flexible, resilient, affordable infrastructure

Improve customer experience and engagement

Cloud computing has removed data constraints with scalable and affordable on-demand solutions

You will find that it's now much easier to bring together a greater volume and variety of data, from more sources, much more quickly, without needing to make a large upfront investment in infrastructure.

Lush chose to migrate its e-commerce platform to scalable infrastructure that could handle increased traffic without compromising stability. As a result they no longer experience outages during peak times.

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