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Turning frontline into cloud workers

75% of frontline workers say communication in their workplace is poor, which leads to low employee engagement and high staff turnover.

Already, 1 in 4 employees are cloud workers, and the number will increase as more business apps move to the cloud and more employees work remotely.

Our infographic explores disruptive digital technologies like cloud computing and how they have produced a new kind of employee: the cloud worker.

Download the infographic to learn more.

FRONT COVER - How to turn frontline workers into cloud workers

Explore the ways in which you can turn frontline workers into cloud workers, by:

Empowering frontline workers with the right devices

Deploying mobile cloud-connected apps

80% of the global workforce is deskless, but they've been left behind by IT

For employers, turning users into cloud workers will improve employee engagement and be a key element in business transformation initiatives.  Give your employees the ability to gain insights from data, work from anywhere and collaborate more effectively.

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