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6 ways to unlock team creativity with Jamboard

Many of your company’s best ideas start on a whiteboard and then they’re wiped away at the end of the hour. If someone remembers, perhaps a dim snapshot is frozen as a photo on someone’s smartphone, but most of the creative life is lost. 

Google's digital collaborative whiteboard - Jamboard, is enabling collaboration between teams in white boarding sessions and is changing the way teams grow ideas together.

Download our free list and learn 6 ways unlock your teams creativity using Jamboard.

FRONT COVER - 6 ways to unlock team creativity with Jamboard

Learn how Jamboard brings teams together in an engaging way, helping you to:

Create superior content

Improve team collaboration

Boost your teams creativity

The way teams grow ideas together is changing and traditional white boarding has evolved

Today, a conference call or a video meeting renders the traditional whiteboard powerless, and Google’s Jamboard is here to transcend these limitations, taking whiteboarding sessions to another level.

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