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Work better together with an integrated workspace

Collaboration rather than cost is the main reason why many organisations such as Airbus have chosen Google Workspace over Office 365 to deliver a digital workplace.

Google Workspace is built from the ground up as an integrated environment with collaboration in mind.

In our how-to-guide, you will learn the 7 reasons to select Google Workspace to change the way your employees work and interact with colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners.

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Explore how the digital workplace built on Google Workspace allows you to:

Work faster with exclusive cloud and mobile access

Work smarter with better access to files, knowledge and insights

Work together seamlessly with real time interactions

Work on the go from anywhere and from any device

Work securely in a shared, distributed environment

Using Google Docs, Sheets and Slides saves the average team member 171 hours — or 21 work days — a year

"You can imagine how thrilled we were to learn that a single suite of products — Google Workspace — could resolve all of our problems around hosting, mobility and collaboration. Google Workspace has changed the way we work, since employees can now access their work directly from their mobiles”

Head of IT
Glyndebourne Opera House

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