Council introduces an e-learning culture

Warwickshire County Council needed to reduce costs after budget cuts at the council. The authority needed to provide training for the introduction of G Suite to 4500 staff members. It selected Ancoris to implement our Cloud Skills Academy e-learning platform for staff training.

Council introduces an e-learning culture

About Warwickshire County Council

Warwickshire County Council covers the area of five ‘tier 2’ district councils, including Warwick District Council. The main services provided by the County Council include Education, Social Services, Libraries, Transport and Trading Standards.

As the Council looks to modernise, the Cloud Skills Academy has encouraged us to think about different ways of doing things. It has allowed us to tailor our support to different users within the organisation whilst reducing costs.

ICT Training and Development ManagerWarwickshire County Council


  • The IT department had initiated a move to G Suite in line with the new ICT Strategy to maximise accessibility for all staff and support flexible working within the council.
  • With over 4500 staff across the organisation, face to face training for the introduction of new tools was a costly process due to loss of staff productivity, cost of trainers and the timescales required to complete.
  • The Council had been looking at e-Learning as part of their ongoing training processes. The move to G Suite provided the perfect opportunity to introduce a new e-learning programme.
Cloud Skills Academy


  • Warwickshire implemented Ancoris Cloud Skills Academy e-learning platform, fronted by a tailored “Going Google” intranet site, as the first place that all users visited for any questions on the migration to G Suite.
  • Ancoris tailored the standard Cloud Skills Going Google site to ensure all their key messages, best practices and migration procedures were included.
  • Cloud Skills Academy allowed the council to move away from the pure traditional face-to-face training, with its associated costs, to a blended approach incorporating both face-to-face and online learning process.
  • The Service Desk responded to user queries by providing links to the Cloud Skills Academy, thus reducing calls raised and encouraging user self-help.