Ancoris Signatures

Corporate Gmail signatures

Ancoris Signatures provides centralised signatures management for Gmail, part of G Suite.  Ancoris Signatures gives you the ability to stay in control of your domain wide email signatures and ensure all your employees adhere to company policy and reflect your brand correctly.

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Strengthen corporate branding

Centralised management means email signatures comply with your company policy and provide consistent branding.  New employees are assigned an email signature automatically, from the information stored in their profile.  Ancoris Signatures can also be used as a communications tool to make corporate announcements.

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Generate new business

Your organisation sends hundreds of emails each day to customers, suppliers and partners.
Add an advertising or promotional message to your signature and track click-throughs via your Google Analytics account.

Ancoris Signatures for Gmail

Easy to manage

Ancoris Signatures is fully integrated with G Suite.
Administrators can easily set up email signatures at domain, department or user levels.
Gmail signatures can be designed in seconds using standard or personalised templates.
The Admin dashboard allows you check how many signatures you’re managing and what changes have been made to them over time.

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Licensing Fee

Annual Fee

Per User Per Month

Annual contracts and billing apply. 25 user licence packs. Additional licence packs during contract applied pro-rata. Please contact for more information or for pricing over 1000 users.

Feature list

Admin Dashboard

  • Check quickly the number of signatures you are managing, incomplete profiles and templates in use.
  • Access a visual display of the changes that Ancoris Gmail Signatures has made over time.
  • Detailed auditing tool with a summary of the actions taken during the last sync.

Signature Management

  • Email signatures can be set in seconds with pre-made templates.
  • Templates may be copied and edited to create personalised templates.
  • Use WYSIWYG or HTML editor.
  • Preview pane allows you to see the template design and how it will look with selected users.

User Screen

  • Users can see a preview of their signature by selecting Ancoris Signatures from the “more” menu.
  • Users may also edit the information stored in their profile if the administrator has made this possible.