Download our guide to running G Suite and Microsoft exchange simultaneously

Moving to G Suite doesn’t mean not being able to work with people who are still using Microsoft Office and Exchange. In fact, it’s even easier.

Running G Suite and Microsoft Office and Exchange side by side sounds like it’s going to be hard work, but Google has introduced a raft of innovative technologies that let users work together without having to stop and think about what system colleagues are using.

Google has made sure it is easy for IT admins to deploy and manage these features, with quick and easy set up through the Google Admin Console and tools to help you implement them correctly in G Suite and Exchange Server.

Download our short guide to see how IT departments can run both G Suite and Microsoft seamlessly, including:

  Scheduling and rescheduling appointments seamlessly across Google Calendar and Outlook.

  Working together on documents, whether they're in Google or Microsoft format.

  Easily setting up and deploying features through the Google Admin Console. 

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Run G Suite and Microsoft Simultaneously

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