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The Ancoris Applications as a Service Support Plan (the “Support Plan”) applies to support services provided by Ancoris Limited (“Ancoris”) to you (“Customer”) for application services subject to the Ancoris Applications as a Service Terms and Conditions.

1.Support Scope:

These elements form the scope of the support service:

  1. Customer Administrators can raise cases with Ancoris helpdesk.
  2. No email or telephone support is provided directly to Customer’s Authorised Users under the Support Plan. Users should raise queries with a Customer Administrator who can raise cases with Ancoris.
  3. Call logging 7×24 for critical issues, escalation  to development where necessary 5×8 (UK working days only).
  4. Diagnosis of problem to be either:
    1. user error;
    2. 3rd party issue (eg customers environment),
    3. incorrect functionality (code-change required);
    4. functionality request.

2.Call logging procedure:

  1. Customer Administrators should make reasonable efforts to see if they can answer a query using their own knowledge or support resources.
  2. In the event that support is still required Customer Administrators may request technical support by raising a support case logging into the Ancoris support portal or by:
    1. Sending an email to:  from a Customer Administrator email address with a subject which is descriptive of the problem or question.
    2. Customer should include the product and any diagnostic information in your email including network information, the domain affected.
    3. This will raise a case and provide Customer with a Support Case reference number.
  3. Customer may be requested to provide additional information by email from the allocated Support Specialist.
  4. Customer may telephone 0800 206 2588 (UK business hours) and 0800 206 2588 (outside of UK business hours) once you have raised the case by email and have received a Case reference number.
  5. After discussion with the customer, Ancoris Support Specialists will categorise case priorities as below. Ancoris’ categorisation is binding on the Customer.
    • P1 – “Service Unusable/Mission Critical” is a case which describes an error that prevents one or more users from accessing the Services.
    • P2 – “Severe Disruption” is any case related to the failure of the normal functionality of the Service which is causing severe operating problems for the Customers business and/or interfering with normal use of the Services for multiple users.
    • P3 – “Standard” is any case which is causing medium impact to users and where Service use is Partially Impaired and is not categorised as P1, P2, P4 or P5.
    • P4 – “Non-Critical” is any case related to occasional software or managed service failures/problems that can be overcome without undue difficulty or disruption to the Customer’s business operations.
    • P5 – “Information or Feature Request” is a case which is considered by Ancoris in its sole discretion to be a request for new functionality in the application or information which should be logged as part of our customer records. Ancoris will log a new feature request for consideration for a future release. Customer acknowledges that Ancoris will solely decide when or if to release new functionality.
    • Priority Project – “Professional Services Request”  covers cases raised which are outside of the scope of the User Support. In these cases Ancoris will advise Customer Administrator’s accordingly and, if required, will arrange for a quotation and/or Statement of Work to be raised for the customer.


  1. “Ancoris Applications as a Service Terms and Conditions”means the terms listed at
  2. “Authorised Users”, “Customer Administrators”, “Contract”, “Subscription”, “Subscription Fee”, “Subscription Period” and  “Ancoris Support” shall have the meanings described in the  Ancoris Applications as a Service Terms and Conditions.