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Keep Google Workspace secure

Improve your security posture by assessing your current Google Workspace domain configuration, security processes and procedures. Introduce new security tools and training for administrators and security best practices for end users.
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Overview of Google Workspace security assessment and implementation

The approach

  • Assess – Audit existing Google Workspace security settings and policies against best practices, identifying potential risks
  • Educate – Conduct a dedicated Security Workshop to surface audit results, promote best practices and propose recommended actions
  • Execute – Implement planned security activities, including incident response planning and domain monitoring. Provide training and deploy 3rd party tools.


The benefits

  • Security risks – Guard against security threats with the latest security tools available.
  • Awareness – Decrease security incidents by increasing adoption and awareness of security features and policies among end users and administrators.
  • Incident management – Increase effectiveness of responding to incidents as and when they occur by translating security procedures to the cloud and increasing preparedness.




This is intended for security stakeholders and Google Workspace administrators. 

It is assumed that the participants are empowered to make decisions related to their Google Workspace environment.

  • Detailed evaluation of security settings, process and procedures
  • Administrator's training and review of Google security best practices
  • Prioritized list of actions for security improvement


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