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Google Chrome Enterprise

Move to Chrome devices with the experience we gained from the first large scale deployment in Europe

How can we help you?

We have experience of large-scale deployments of Chrome devices including Google Meet Hardware and Jamboard. We have development and integration capabilities to build customs solutions for Google Chrome OS including Chrome extension development and thin-client integration.

Our services include:

  • Requirements and discovery including identification of usage models within your application catalogue
  • White glove preparation of Chrome devices allowing a virtually “zero IT touch” deployment. This includes updating Chrome OS version, validation of policies including pre-configured WiFi networks.
  • Consultancy on Chrome Enterprise Upgrade to help you configure settings and policies for all your Chrome devices from the Admin console.

Chromebook in office

Why choose Google Chrome devices

Want to support your distributed workforce with affordable devices that are also easy to deploy and maintain?  Look no further. These secure Chrome devices are designed for the web browsing "post PC" era.

Enable remote workers

Chrome Enterprise is a modern, secure solution that allows IT to manage devices remotely.  Information workers or distributed workforce can work from anywhere with a secure, manageable solution whether you are cloud-ready or need access to applications through VDI.

Fast deployment

IT can manage remotely with cloud-based Google Admin Console with 300+ settings and policies.  They can set WiFi, VPN and certificate settings to enable user access to corporate data.  They can set up applications, browser extensions or bookmarks - all remotely!

Multiple security layers

Chrome devices are kept up to date automatically, so you’ll always have the latest features like Voice Search. They come with multiple layers of security to help keep you safe from viruses and malware. Best of all, no OS patching is required and all data is encrypted.

Large choice of form factors

Chromebook for mobile use, Chromebase and Chromebox for the office and shared environments, Chromebit for digital signage as well as Google Meet Hardware for video conferencing. They are affordable, powerful devices optimised for browser-based applications.

Ideal for virtual desktop

Enable mobile thin client and access to Windows apps through VDI solutions like Citrix, VMware, or Cameyo. With little or no on-board storage and are easier to manage than traditional thin clients, Chrome devices support a range of productivity apps inc. Google Workspace, Office 365 and Zoom.

Easy to use and share

Devices can be shared as separate accounts for each user to keep individual’s data safe, making them ideal for shared environment or kiosk applications. They stay synced with your Android phones & tablets, and everywhere you’re signed in with your Google account.

Rich selection of Web Apps

The way we access the internet has changed with the growth of smartphones and mobile devices.  Chromebooks support this trend and don't need special apps.  You can also create your own extensions and publish them privately to the Chrome Web Store.

Work out of the box

Chromebooks are lightweight, “instant-on” devices, fast to use and with a long battery life. Unlike a traditional computer, they won’t slow down over time because updates are automatic and maintenance is easy. They also come with built in virus protection to keep you safe.

Video conferencing for all

With Google Meet Hardware, meet with anyone on any device, PC, tablet or smartphone. Join meetings with up to 250 participants. Share your screen wirelessly and collaborate on documents while you meet. Now every meeting room can be a video-conference room.

About Chrome Enterprise Upgrade

Chrome Enterprise Upgrade unlocks the full business capabilities of Chrome OS and Chrome devices to help IT secure, orchestrate, and empower the cloud workforce.

Built upon the speed, simplicity, and security that come standard with Chrome OS,  it comes with over 300+ policies and settings via a web-based console. 

A new generation of Chromebook Enterprise devices come with this business capabilities already unlocked.  



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