5 reasons Gartner put Google in a visionary quadrant for Cloud IaaS

By: Anne-Laure McLeman
Tag(s): GCP
Published: Aug 24, 2017
5 reasons Gartner put Google in a visionary quadrant for Cloud IaaS

Industry analysts Gartner have labelled Google as one of the industry's "visionaries" in their 2017 report on Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers. That label means Gartner thinks Google has "an ambitious vision of the future", backed up by "making significant investments in the development of unique technologies", for its Cloud IaaS service, the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

More specifically, Gartner says:

  • Google has invested heavily in GCP over the past year, enabling it to now meet the needs of both "cloud-native" companies and those with more traditional workloads and IT processes. That investment also lets it maintain the high quality customers have come to expect from GCP as Google adds more customers. Google continues to announce new investments in its data centres and network, all aimed at strengthening what GCP can offer to customers.
  • Google is focused around openness and portability. Not only is Google using open-source solutions to build GCP, but it's making many of the technologies it's developed to run its own operations into open-source offerings, tapping into the expertise of a global community of open source developers to make them even better. That's good news for customers who don't want to get locked into a particular vendor's ecosystem.
  • As well as working on matching features offered by other vendors, Google is developing innovative solutions for GCP customers that no one else is offering. That includes BigQuery analytics and Cloud Spanner, its highly scalable, distributed relational database
  • Google is leading the way in offering exceptionally flexible contracts and pricing plans that help customers buy only what they need and avoid paying for capacity they're not using.
  • Google has a programme to help customers run their operations in the same way as Google does. That means customers benefit from the expertise of site reliability engineers who are responsible for the applications like Search and Mail that have over 1 billion users.

It's worth noting that Gartner not only sees Google as a "visionary" but also puts its very close to the "leader" category . It also makes it clear that, despite being a "visionary", Google is a safe bet: it's one of only three "Tier 1" companies mentioned in the report, which means it's a mature, low-risk partner with a sustainable business model.

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