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We have a dedicated Generative AI practice helping you ideate, develop, and launch AI-native innovation initiatives on Google Cloud. The Gen AI conversation can be perceived as hype; our mission is to bring the hype back down to earth, helping you see what's possible within a matter of weeks, not months. 

+ Strategic AI advisory services

+ Business case development

+ Rapid prototyping workshops

+ AI integration into existing or new applications

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Application Development & UX

+ Native Application Development

+ User & Customer Experience

+ Application Modernisation 

+ Geolocation Services


Data Platforms

+ Analytics Centre of Excellence

+ Modern Data Warehouse

+ Machine Learning & AI

+ Insights & Visualisation



Cloud Infrastructure & Security

+ Cloud Migration

+ Cloud Centre of Excellence

+ DevOps & Containerisation

+ Security


Collaboration and Digital Workplace

+ Google Workspace

+ User Enablement & Deployment

+ Ongoing Training & Support

+ Citizen Developer Enablement

Think big. Start now.

We don't believe in innovation, we live it. Innovation combined with pragmatism is what runs through our veins. We ask ourselves the same question over and over again: Does it deliver value? And how quickly? Your big ambitions can start now. 

Case studies

Thank you NHS

NHS Blood and Transplant uses ML to get meaningful insights from data

Ancoris worked with NHS Blood and Transplant to establish a machine learning model that would use anonymised donor data plus some publicly available data to establish correlations, characteristics or insights into the data.

Ancoris was also asked to demonstrate the benefits of the Google Cloud solutions vs the ones of the current architecture. The current stack used within NHSBT wasn’t capable of efficiently managing the large datasets.

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Cycle leant against a grey wall

Sigma Sports optimises data to become more customer-centric

Ancoris initially embarked on a data warehouse migration project to allow Sigma Sports to access their data across various platforms and technologies. However, as the project progressed and Sigma Sports realised how they could become more customer-centric by optimising their data capture and processing, this project resulted in Ancoris supporting the development of Sigma Sports' dynamic pricing and recommendation model.

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