5 ways Google Data Centres perform better than the industry average

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Published: Jun 26, 2019
5 ways Google Data Centres perform better than the industry average

Choosing to move some of your IT workloads to the cloud is easy. Deciding which cloud provider to use is harder. If you’re considering Google, here are 5 ways Google’s Data Centres perform better than the industry average:

  1. The most consistent and reliable service of any cloud operation. It’s not by accident, but by design, that Google Data Centres score so well against a range of independently verified metrics. As well as using custom-built hardware in every part of the stack to deliver very high performance and security, Google has its own hardware teams on site around the clock. That means they can respond quickly to incidents, as well as be constantly provisioning, upgrading and reworking Google’s Data Centre infrastructure to continue to deliver reliable, secure, fast performance.
  2. Far fewer incidents caused by human error. Just 15% of incidents in Google Data Centres are the result of human error. The industry average is 70%. What’s different about Google? It’s created a transparent, “no blame” culture that recognises that people make mistakes. The important thing is to admit them, learn from them and use those lessons to make improvements. (Oh, and over a two-year period, none of those incidents caused by human error resulted in downtime.)
  3. 50% less energy used than in a typical data centre. That’s possible thanks to a combination of adjusting the thermostat, managing airflow, using free cooling and optimising power distribution. Google is now driving its energy costs down still further by creating smart control systems that use artificial intelligence (or machine learning) to deliver a further 30% reduction in the cooling energy consumed.
  4. A zero carbon footprint. That’s been a goal since 2007, when Google began buying high-quality carbon credits. These days, Google buys enough renewable energy — either for its own consumption or to put back into the grid — to offset the energy consumption of the entire company. It’s now working towards minute-by-minute matching of demand with supply, so it will only ever use energy from renewable sources in its data centres.
  5. The world’s most sustainable cloud computing service. Google has set itself a Zero Waste Goal to eliminate waste sent to landfill across its operations. Through a combination of repurposing hardware, refurbishing or remanufacturing it, passing it on to others and recycling, Google Data Centres are now diverting 91% of their waste from landfill. Some data centres are sending no waste at all to landfill.

Of course, Google’s Data Centres are also ultra-secure, with defence in depth both physically and technically, a 24x7 investigation and incident response team, and the expertise of over 700 cloud security professionals. All that’s available to you through more than 130 local points of presence that serve users in more than 200 countries.

To find out more about how Google’s Data Centres can meet your business’s IT needs, download our Guide to GCP: Infrastructure in the Cloud or come and talk to the experts in our GCP team.

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