Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

Windows 10 devices are notoriously difficult to manage and secure. There’s a constant stream of OS and application patches and updates to be installed. It’s tricky to stop users from installing unauthorised apps or browser extensions, or accidentally downloading viruses, without locking down their devices so much it gets in the way of them getting their work done. The loss or theft of a device can mean locally stored data is also at risk. And for the increasing proportion of staff who are mobile or work from home, it’s inconvenient to have to bring their device into the office simply so the IT team can carry out routine maintenance.

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But now IT admins can apply the same tools that make it easy to remotely manage and secure Android, iOS, Chrome and Jamboard devices to their Windows 10 machines.

Through the G Suite Admin Console, you can now:

  1. ensure Windows 10 devices are running the latest OS and application patches and comply with organisational security policies every time users sign in or try to access company resources.
  2. push configuration updates from the cloud without needing to connect devices to your company’s internal network.
  3. add Single-Sign On (SSO) to allow users to quickly and securely authenticate when logging in and accessing applications, by using their G Suite account credentials.
  4. use Google’s anti-phishing, anti-hijacking and suspicious login detection tools to protect user accounts and alert users and admins to possible security breaches before they can have an impact.
  5. remotely block or wipe a device if it’s lost or stolen.

All these features are available G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education and for Cloud Identity Premium customers. SSO and anti-hijacking and suspicious login detection are also available for any G Suite admin, through Google Credential Provider for Windows.

If you want to find out more about how Google can help you simplify your Windows 10 device management while increasing security, read about how Google Cloud secures modern end-user computing or come and talk to the experts in our G Suite team

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