6 things to watch for a successful Google Workspace deployment

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Published: Dec 10, 2020
6 things to watch for a successful Google Workspace deployment

Moving to Google Workspace will help your business become more collaborative, innovative and agile. Bearing in mind though, as with any project where you're migrating users and data to a new platform, there are many potential, yet avoidable, pitfalls along the way. A Google Cloud Premier Partner with a Work Transformation Specialisation, like Ancoris, can help you understand the issues and how to work through them, ensuring a smooth, fast transition to a better way of working.

We've already used our tried-and-tested process for deploying Google Workspace to help hundreds of customers successfully make the move. As well as drawing on our experience of migrating users from a wide variety of legacy platforms, we also have close relationships with Google Cloud's own technical experts, meaning we can quickly get answers to any new issues.

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During a typical Google Workspace deployment, our Google Certified Deployment Specialists will:

  • run a Google Workspace deployment planning workshop, to understand your current environment and identify the best tools and approach for your migration.
  • help you set up your initial Google Workspace environment and user accounts, including identifying and handling users who've already created GMail Consumer accounts using their work email address.
  • make sure you have the right security settings in place, by walking you through all the settings in the Google admin console.
  • migrate your users and their data – including profile information, organisational structures and distribution lists as well as the users email, calendar and contacts – using a phased approach. This lets you verify your Google Workspace installation and confirm Google Workspace can handle everything your users need to do in their day-today work before you roll it out to the whole business.

Alongside this technical deployment, we'll run a change management programme designed to move your users from their current environment and ways of working to being productive and effective in a new environment, as quickly and seamlessly as possible. This starts as soon as we begin working with you and is critical to the success of any Google Workspace implementation. It ensures you have the necessary high-level sponsorship and detailed understanding of your users and their needs, as well as communication, marketing, training and go-live support plans for each user group.

The story doesn't end once Google Workspace has been rolled out, though. We'll hand you over to our customer success team. They're not just there to provide break-fix support and regular checks to ensure your system is optimised and healthy. They also offer a range of services to help you get the most out of your investment in Google Workspace and use it as a platform for business improvement and digital transformation.

If you'd like to find out more about how Ancoris can help you successfully deploy Google Workspace, come and talk to the experts in our Google Workspace team.

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Updated December 2020
First published August 2018

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