Ancoris Named G-Cloud Supplier

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Published: Feb 20, 2012
Ancoris Named G-Cloud Supplier

Ancoris has today been announced as a G-Cloud supplier. As a supplier to the Governments CloudStore, Ancoris will now be able to migrate the public sector to Google Apps for Business, without a formal tender process.

The CloudStore will work as an online marketplace and will include information allowing buyers to make comparisons between suppliers. The carefully selected catalogue of cloud providers will enable the public sector to confidently buy cloud services.This is likely to see a big push into cloud computing by the UK public sector as it becomes easier to buy cloud-based services following the creation of the G-Cloud applications catalogue.

The launch of the G-Cloud is a significant step forward for cloud computing and the public sector. As an approved supplier we are able to transition Government departments from outdated legacy systems to the latest cloud computing technology.

Todays launch of the G-Cloud also puts to bed the issue of cloud security.  The message is clear - if cloud computing is secure enough for government, it's secure enough for the private sector.

By the end of 2012 the Government expects to have over 50 accredited products in place, which the public sector will be able to buy without putting suppliers through a lengthy tender process. The government's information assurance agency, the Communications Electronics Security Group (CESG), will confirm each G-Cloud service and deployment is secure.

Ancoris is now a Government approved cloud solution provider.  Both Private and Public Sector organisations can now buy our cloud services with the added confidence of the Government endorsement.

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