Ancoris selected for Googles Chromebook Reseller Pilot Program

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Published: Dec 08, 2011
Ancoris selected for Googles Chromebook Reseller Pilot Program

Ancoris is delighted to have been selected as a UK partner in Google's Chromebook Reseller Pilot Program. The launch of the Chromebook, as the first enterprise ready web-only device, complements the increasing momentum of both the Chrome browser and Google Apps platform in the corporate marketplace.

The Chromebook Reseller Pilot Program enables us to supply Google Chromebooks bundled together with the Google Chromebook software management console service; a centrally managed web administration console which allows enterprises to track Chromebook assets, manage security, access and application policies for the devices and reduce still further the cost of desktop management.

Chromebooks provides a great platform for browser enabled applications but it also supports access to non-web applications through partnerships with leading application and desktop virtualisation companies including Citrix and Ericom, which will allow virtualised non web native applications to be accessed through the Chrome browser.

The Chromebook will be of great interest initially to companies and institutions who have already adopted Google Apps for Business or Google Apps for Education.  Ancoris is launching a set of Chromebook deployment services to complement our existing 3 year track record in migrating UK organisations to Google's cloud platform.

Please contact us for further information about the Google Chromebook and how this might help your organisation increase the security and reduce the cost of your desktop environment. Top tips for a successful chrome enterprise deployment 

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