Big Data isn't just for big companies

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Published: May 22, 2018
Big Data isn't just for big companies

The news these days is full of big companies reaping the benefits of investments in Big Data. Like personalised music lists at Spotify, radar analytics using artificial intelligence (AI) at Airbus, and analysing 2 million retail transactions a month at The Works. But smaller companies just don’t have the scale to exploit these technologies affordably, due to the expensive infrastructure and rarefied skills needed to manage and operate it. Or so you might think.

Upload your data to Google Cloud Platform and interact with it using standard SQL

The fact is, most of the processes underlying Big Data projects are fairly generic, which means that cloud providers like Google can offer them on a subscription basis to anyone (all 3 of the above examples were delivered on the Google Cloud Platform). What’s more, all the complicated bits requiring specialised skills and equipment are built in, so you just need to upload your data and interact with it using standard SQL.

Now suddenly you have your very own data warehouse (aka BigQuery) capable of processing petabytes in seconds, costing $5 per terabyte and then nothing as soon as your query finishes (apart from a nominal storage charge). So your existing database could be dedicated to core operational tasks or switched off altogether.

Draw insights from your data with your own Google Search

Or perhaps you could use a graphical data wrangling tool (aka DataPrep) that uses AI to guide you to the best transformations and then deploys a Hadoop-capable pipeline at the click of a button - a bit like being able to draw insights from your data with your own Google Search.

You might even have global expansion plans for your website but only a small technical team. You will want to provide the same experience (and stock levels) to customers wherever they are in real time, but don’t have the time to learn and develop a NoSQL architecture. In which case you might find a globally-distributed, strongly-consistent relational database helpful (aka Spanner) that works just like the system your team are familiar with.

The best bit is that all three of these tools are completely serverless - you just bring your data and let Google handle the procurement, maintenance and capacity planning. Here are 4 more reasons to add Google Cloud Platform to your multi-cloud strategy.

Why should you work with a Google Cloud Premier Partner like Ancoris?

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Ancoris have the expertise to guide you through your options with the Google Cloud Platform, to help you build a new solution (or do it for you) and we can even run it for you so your team can focus on your strategic plans rather than cranking the data handle. For more information or to speak to our data and analytics experts, please click here.


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