Business transformation ideas using tools from Google Cloud

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Published: Jul 21, 2020
Business transformation ideas using tools from Google Cloud

Digital transformation is driving business success by changing the way we work. It’s letting us use digital technologies to solve problems and drive value for our businesses, whether that’s by growing faster, becoming more profitable or delivering better customer service through improved team collaboration.

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But it can be hard to know where to start or what to tackle next as you move towards a digital workplace. Google’s Transformation Gallery lets you easily explore real examples of transformation ideas for workplaces and business processes at companies like yours.

With the Transformation Gallery, you can get ideas for how to:

  • get more out of your existing tools. Many users use only a fraction of the capabilities in G Suite, especially when it comes to connecting mobile and remote workers and collaborating more effectively if employees are working in different locations.
  • improve your current processes. You can see how other organisations are using Google tools to transform common business processes to improve productivity and customer experience. For example, the powerful collaboration at the heart of G Suite can help you eliminate paperwork and simplify and speed up reporting or budget creation by allowing everyone to edit shared documents. Custom mobile and web apps built on the Google Cloud Platform let front-end and mobile employees work more efficiently and deliver better customer service. 
  • help your people become more innovative. The best ideas often come from the people on the front line — and engaged and involved front-line workers are a key element in successful digital transformations initiatives. You can use the examples in the Transformation Gallery to power workshops that encourage your staff to review their current work, identify opportunities and build prototypes to support those new processes and opportunities.

The Transformation Gallery contains hundreds of use cases and more than 100 customer stories. To find relevant examples, you can search by industry, job function or department, or look for ways to tackle business issues like customer experience, workforce engagement, operational efficiency and compliance and security. You can then bookmark examples that look interesting in collections so you can easily review them later.

If you want to find out more about how to use the ideas in Google’s Transformation Gallery in your digital transformation journey, read about our four ingredients for digital transformation success or come and talk to the experts in our Digital Transformation team.


Article updated June 2020
First published August 2015


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