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Cloud Computing World - The Transformative Power of Google

In this article, David Mcleman, Ancoris CEO discusses the top reasons why companies should consider Google Apps for Work for their collaboration requirements.

Whereas the move from manual paper based systems to computers revolutionised the way we worked. the current move to cloud services gives us a similar opportunity to re-think the way people work, co-create and share information on any device – laptop, android, iPhone, chromebook – wherever they are in the world.

According to David, here are the top 10 reasons to move to a collaborative environment:.

  1. Get your teams working together – faster, smarter but not harder
  2. Improve communications beyond email
  3. View, store and share any kind of files
  4. Create intranets to collaborate on team projects
  5. The all-in-one suite means ease of use and rapid user adoption
  6. Free your staff and empower them to work anywhere, anytime
  7. Get everyone collaborating
  8. Peace of mind with a secure suite built for the Cloud
  9. Businesses require an environment that fosters growth and innovation
  10. Watch your costs go down, as productivity goes up

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