One Hundred

By: Andre Azevedo
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Published: Aug 02, 2022
One Hundred

Yesterday, I got a message from Belén telling me we’ve reached 100 employees. I knew that we were close but seeing it become a reality made me muse on a few things. And as usual, I decided to write down my thoughts.

This milestone also conflates around a couple of other events. One, because yesterday was the beginning of our new fiscal year (Happy New Year Ancorians!). And if we’ve worked together at my previous company: yes, it’s the same - what are the odds of that? Secondly, it’s also the anniversary of our partnership with Beech Tree. 

And what a year it has been! We more than doubled the number of Ancorians in the last 12 months, adding immense talent to the immensely talented team we had. We built new teams, new capabilities, new talent programmes. We accelerated careers, we improved our benefits and how we look after our teams.

We also doubled the amount of new business we signed, adding incredible new customers, solving critical business problems with the most innovative solutions. We created new products, we improved our delivery processes, we saw our customers face to face across the country and beyond.

And we worked with Google (our only partner!) on new initiatives, on getting new specialisations, new certifications. We spent lots of time together on go to market initiatives and making joint customers successful. We worked on funding projects and even found time to collaborate on joint charitable events. And much much more.

All of that is great, and we are very proud of our achievements. I can only hope for our FY23 to be as successful as the last 12 months. But going back to the “One Hundred” theme, the one thing I think about the most is the Spider-Man conundrum - the responsibility and duty of care I owe everyone who decided that the next step in their career is with us. I can almost feel the weight on my shoulders!

However with such a great team, all 100 of them*, I know that my life is made easier and that weight made lighter every single day, so I just wanted to say a big public ‘Thank you!’. Here is to another successful year!


*We’re not stopping there. We’re hiring. Get in touch. Think Big. Start Now.

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