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3 ways serverless computing helps you develop and deploy faster at any scale

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One of the headaches of deploying and running applications is getting the right server infrastructure in place to support them – at the right time. The effort involved in setting up servers correctly can be a significant bottleneck during initial deployment of an application, and also make it hard to respond to rapid changes in demand once in production. Of course, there's the ongoing overhead of managing your servers long-term.

Serverless computing takes away those headaches. It's a way of providing cloud-based infrastructure that hides the detail of the clusters and nodes running your applications. All you see are application-level constructs, while the cloud provider takes care of everything about the underlying server infrastructure, from monitoring and logging to OS management, rolling out security patches, load balancing, and spinning up servers (and closing them down) to match your current load.



Serverless computing is a particularly good fit for applications that need to be deployed quickly or where demand is unpredictable. Here are some of the ways Google Cloud Platform makes it easier for our own DevOps team:

  1. No need to spend time provisioning servers or managing production systems. Our team can focus all their time and energy on building new applications and features to better meet our business needs. Without worrying about managing production systems, or provisioning servers.

  2. New capacity available in seconds, without having to lift a finger. When loads and traffic increase, new servers – configured exactly the way we need them – are spun up automatically in less time that it would take us to notice there's been a spike in traffic. When the demand drops, they are closed down just as quickly.

  3. Paying only for the capacity you use. Up to 45% of all cloud spend may be wasted, according to research from RightScale. That's partly because businesses are buying capacity to handle peak loads, but leaving much of it sitting idle for most of the time. If an application doesn't have any load, then it shouldn't be consuming resources, and you shouldn't be paying for them. This is exactly how Google Cloud Platform works, helping your IT budget to stretch further.

Using Google Cloud Platform means that our own DevOps team at Ancoris can develop and deliver applications for customers, quickly and at scale.

Companies that have already adopted serverless computing include Phillips Lighting, Snap and Home Depot – and all of them report they've achieved faster time to market and greater agility as a result.

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