The Cabinet Office moves to Google Apps

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Published: Jan 15, 2015
The Cabinet Office moves to Google Apps

The Cabinet Office technology transformation programme has reached another milestone, with its outsourcing contract with Fujitsu expiring this month. From January onwards, the Cabinet Office will run its own in-house service with CTO, Tom Read as its lead. 

Cost savings

This approach is expected to achieve 40 percent savings compared to the outsourced services. The Department has 2,430 civil servants who will all now have access to the new services.

One of the key decisions was to deploy Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite), with one of the biggest innovations being seen as the implementation of real-time document collaboration. The earlier user pilots, Google Docs was received with enthusiasm by civil servants who were able to work on the same document at the same time, from multiple locations - achieving higher quality work in a faster time frame.

As noted in the Cabinet Office Technology Blog, "While their existing technology forced them to work a certain way, the trial technology enabled them to work how they wanted, and for the better." Read the full story in computerworlduk.

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