What is change management and why does it matter?

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Published: Jul 25, 2018
What is change management and why does it matter?

Change Management is about moving your users from their current environment and way of working to being productive and effective in a new environment, as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

It's an essential component of any cloud services project where you want to change the way users work in order to deliver business and process improvement or digital transformation. In fact, research suggests projects with excellent change management are six times more likely to meet or exceed their initial objectives than projects with poor changement management. That applies even when you're moving to a solution you think will be familiar to users such as Google Workspace, where many people have experience of the consumer version of GMail in their private lives. 

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we've used our tried-and-tested approach to change management to help customers overcome the challenges and issues in change management and successfully complete hundreds of projects. We take a strategic approach and the change management programme will begin from the moment we start talking to you about a potential project. Our team of certified change management experts will then guide you through key steps, such as:

  • finding a high-level project sponsor
  • understanding your users, how they work at the moment, and how they'll be affected by the change
  • building a change management programme appropriate for those users, as well as the culture of your organisation and your budget.

Our change management programme will include:

  • a communications programme, to make sure everyone, at every level, is clear about what's happening and why
  • an internal marketing programme, to generate buy-in and excitement around the change
  • a training and go-live support programme.

We'll obviously work closely with you – and our own technical team, if we're handling the technical aspects of the project – to make sure the change management programme integrates with the technical programme.

Our change management methodology is based on a combination of current industry best practice and principles and our own proven tools, strengthened by best practice advice and tools provided by Google. At the same time, we take a flexible approach to delivery. We'll work with you on planning and delivery in the way you prefer, whether that's on-site or remotely, through Google Meet and webinars, and at whatever time of day (or night) suits you.

To find out more about how change management is critical to the success of any project and how Ancoris can help, come and talk to our change management experts.

Top tips for successful change management

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