What is the difference between Google Apps and Google Drive for Work?

By: Anne-Laure McLeman
Tag(s): Workplace
Published: Dec 05, 2014
What is the difference between Google Apps and Google Drive for Work?

This short video explains very clearly the difference between the standard version of Google Apps and its more advanced version Google Drive for Work. Please note that Google Drive for Work is the marketing name for this storage solution and Google Apps Unlimited is the SKU name for this offering. You will see these terms used interchangeably.

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In a nutshell, features available only to Google Drive for Work customers include:

  1. Unlimited storage across the entire domain, including files up to 5 TB in size
  2. New audit reporting so admins can see activity like moving, deleting or sharing files within or outside the company, plus an audit API that makes this data available to developers. New security controls are also available so admins can set sync client, offline, Drive app and add-on settings at the Organizational Unit (OU)-level.
  3. Google Vault, the e-archiving solution that automatically backs up and archives all outgoing and incoming mail from the domain and that has been expanded to provide search for all content stored in Drive. All files uploaded to Google Drive will now be encrypted for all users, so content is encrypted not only from user's devices to Google and in transit between Google data centers, but also at rest on Google servers.

Lasting just over ten minutes, the video includes a demonstration of the admin console, showing the additional reports which help administrators keep their data safe and compliant as well as track all activities in the domain.

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