Why build your web and mobile Apps on the Google Cloud Platform

By: John Flower
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Published: Aug 01, 2018
Why build your web and mobile Apps on the Google Cloud Platform

Here at Ancoris, we've been building web and mobile applications on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for a number of years already – and we're more convinced than ever that we made the right choice of cloud partner. One reason is that Google is a big proponent of open source technology. That doesn't just mean building a platform that easily integrates with other systems. It also means spearheading development of first-class technologies that become industry standards, like the Kubernetes container orchestration tool.



What the GCP platform itself can offer is another reason why it is a smart choice. GCP Platform as a Service (Paas) technologies like App Engine reduce the time our developers spend handling server operations or patching for security risks like the recent Spectre and Meltdown bugs. With Google handling that kind of work “behind the scenes” for us, our developers can focus entirely on developing business logic and code. That helps us deliver great solutions for customers more quickly. Yet if we do need raw servers, Google also provides flexible Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings.

Of course, you don't necessarily need to work with a Google Cloud Premier Partner like Ancoris to enjoy the benefits of GCP. But we think we offer a few advantages of our own when it comes to offering Cloud App development services on Google's cloud infrastructure. In particular, we bring deep domain knowledge of the various GCP solutions. There are constraints on how processes are executed in any PaaS environment and you need to take those into account in your software architecture and code. We've built up our knowledge about how to handle those trade-offs and compromises to create great, high-performing solutions through numerous application development projects.

You'll also benefit from the way we tackle projects. Like most software companies these days, we operate an agile methodology, but we also pride ourselves on our partnership-based approach, which begins from the moment we start talking to you. During pre-sales, we don't just work through the commercials with you but spend a lot of time – through user story development and technical and business workshops – to make sure we understand as much as possible about what we're going to build. Once development starts, we deliver software regularly on an incremental basis, matching our speed to your own quality assurance and approval cycles.

Our many industry awards for customer projects are testament to just how effective we are at building web and mobile Apps on GCP for a wide range of customers. Google itself trusted us to build its own Google Certified Educator exam platform, which runs entirely on GCP.

If you'd like to find out more about why you should choose to build your web and mobile applications on GCP, and why you should work with Ancoris, come and talk to the experts in our Cloud Application Development team.

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