Why have integrated, social office tools become the key to recruitment?

By: Anne-Laure McLeman
Tag(s): Workplace
Published: Dec 19, 2017
Why have integrated, social office tools become the key to recruitment?

If you're planning on recruiting new staff, chances are that you'll be recruiting someone from the Millennial generation. Also sometimes referred to as "digital natives", Millennials became the largest segment of the workforce in 2015.

One of the keys to attracting and retaining Millennials is understanding that they're not just defined by when they were born. They also have different communication habits to previous generations:

  • mobile is their platform of choice
  • they prefer to interact online
  • they prefer—and expect—to do everything online, from handling their finances to shopping, and expect a seamless experience across different platforms
  • they're information hungry but don't like wasting time searching for answers or having to use more than one tool to get them
  • they’re comfortable with cloud-based tools for producing and sharing documents, and communicating with their professional as well as personal circles: many colleges and universities have adopted G Suite as their platform of choice, so it’s a familiar environment when Millennials move into the workplace.

In the working world, that translates into creating a digital workplace where "social" tools:

  • give employees quick and easy access to everything they need in one place
  • provide them with the same intuitive experience across platforms, letting them work from anywhere at any time on any device
  • support collaboration within teams and across the business.

With these kinds of "social" tools, there's no need for users to fire up separate apps to send a meeting invite or to start a chat or video conference. That lets them stay accessible without needing to switch away from their current task. In the same way, "social" tools let them open documents shared by colleagues, right from their email inbox. They can give feedback and discuss the content in comments, and get email alerts when others have left comments they need to review. When they're brainstorming, they can easily pull in content to virtual whiteboards and instantly see suggestions scribbled by others, whether they're at the next desk or halfway around the world.

G Suite has been built from the ground up as an integrated "social" environment with business collaboration in mind. So if you want to find out how you can build the kind of digital workplace that will be essential to attracting and retaining Millennials, come and talk to our G Suite experts.


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