Cash (flow) really is King

How to model, improve cash flow and deliver high-value, actionable insights
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Current situation makes cash flow predictions more difficult

  • Future revenues fluctuating drastically, even drying up.
  • Future cash flow receipts at risk, with payment holidays or extended terms, or defaulting.
  • Modelling of staffing options and related expenses 
  • Modelling of emergency Government policies including Coronavirus job retention scheme for furloughed employees, VAT deferral, SSP relief for SMEs and business rates holidays.
  • Analysis of invoices and payment data, siloed in multiple data platforms

Ancoris CFO Lab

Our consulting services will ingest your data and generate actionable insights so you can analyse, forecast and improve your company's cash flow.

Ancoris CFOLab provides dashboards that span account receivables, account payables, and a combined view to model daily net inflows and outflows, and longer-term cash forecasts.

Ancoris CFOLab leverages the secure platform of Google BigQuery, AI & machine learning technologies and advanced Looker analytics capability.



What-if modelling

Forecast cash inflows, outflows and daily cash reserves i.e. how long until the cash runs out?

Compare different scenario based on your own metrics. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Predictions and scenarios on future revenue recovery
  2. Staffing changes (hire, cut, amend pensions payments, bonuses & commission)
  3. Negotiated supplier payment terms at individual level
  4. Negotiated customer payment terms at individual level
  5. HMRC VAT deferrals

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If you have specific cash flow needs, we can provide additional analytics.  For example, support for additional insights or inputs such as inventory.