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Re-imagine how you interact digitally with your customers

Ancoris UXLab Customer Hub reinvents the on premise customer portal putting the user experience at the heart of development

The immediate challenge

As we all moved online during the pandemic, customers have become more demanding about their brand experience.

A dated user experience can result in low usage of any platform, especially one that can’t be used on a mobile device and relies on old technology to deliver key information to your customers.

Recent research by SAS revealed that a third of digital customers will abandon brands that deliver just one bad experience.

Ancoris UXLab

If you’re in charge of marketing, innovation or business transformation, you’ll want your customer platform to provide an outstanding experience. Especially when all interactions are digital.

Ancoris UXLab Customer Hub is a solution which re-imagines how you interact digitally with your customers. The latest in web and mobile app technologies, powered by modern compute, data and storage solutions from Google Cloud can make your organisation easier to do business with. 

All your customer interactions can be integrated into a digital customer platform from service information and history to contract summaries.


Ancoris user experience design process

User experience design process

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