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Develop new digital business models with Google Cloud

Our customers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and so do their digital models. Here are a few examples of our most recent work to give you a flavour of what we can achieve with Google Cloud Platform, Google Maps, Chrome and Android.
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How we helped migrate 14,000 colleagues to a new digital service app

The Rentokil team is mobile and visits customer locations to perform pest control services internationally. The digital app based solution has enabled 14,000 frontline colleagues via cloud-connected Android based apps for customer installation and servicing. Not only is the solution improving efficiency and quality of pest control service, it also provides a competitive advantage in highly regulated markets.

Deployment flexibility

This app is now enabling Rentokil to send technicians with no prior knowledge of the site and deliver the same quality service.

Competitive advantage

In regulated markets, visibility is key.  Linking its technician based apps to the main solution will create an end to end digital ecosystem

Positive impact on colleagues

Rentokil technicians are using this toolset many times a day and prefer this to the traditional methods

Impact on external auditors

They can walk around a site with Rentokil technicians, interact with the site digitally and see realtime pest control information

Cost savings

Replatforming to phones from PDAs will enable Rentokil to remove 14,000 PDA’s from its front line

Basis for innovation

Now that the foundational apps have been deployed, new apps such as pest heatmaps are being added on.

How we helped digitise mobile test collections

Our customer collects and tests biological samples on behalf of clients nationally. The paper based collections in the field required manual, error prone, re-keying of data into heritage systems for tests and reporting at head office.

Our solution is a cloud-based web application at Head Office, connected both to a mobile App used by collection technicians on Android devices and to the existing laboratory system.

Informed job allocation

Jobs are now allocated based on availability or distance to job, reducing mileage and expense costs

Automation of invoicing

The automation of invoicing and expenses is saving time, effort and over 25,000 sheets of paper per annum.

Improved customer satisfaction

Reduced the average time taken to report to customers from up to 5 days to just a few hours in the best cases.

Confidence in data

Because there's only one point of data entry, there is absolute confidence in the quality of the data.

Improve cashflow

Because reports are sent more quickly to customers, invoicing happens more quickly, helping cashflow

ROI of 175% delivered

from savings in data entry headcount, printing and stationery costs, travel expenses, and increase in technician efficiency

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