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Analysing key retail events with modern analytics & AI

We believe the thriving retailers of tomorrow will be those who are truly data-driven, who can quickly identify, react, and adapt to emerging trends from key retail events that take place throughout the retail calendar.

In this whitepaper, we use Black Friday as an example to explain how to successfully analyse key retail trends with analytics and AI.

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FRONT COVER - Analysing retail key events with modern analytics and AI

Explore how to analyse, respond to and prosper from modern retail analytics and AI, including:

Maximising sales and profit margins

Understanding the impact of Covid-19 on consumer demand and shopping habits

Increasing your market share and sustainability

Maintaining an effective supply chain to meet demand

Generating additional revenue through new revenue streams, products & services

Optimising warehouse space and other fulfillment activities

The key to success is to start. And to start now. You can only afford to be so far behind your competitors

Working with Ancoris, multi-channel retailer The Works has built a core data platform that provides a single source of truth for all reporting and analysis.

The solution ingests data from The Works’ operational systems and runs this through several pipelines to cleanse and transform it. It then pushes the transformed data to a BigQuery data warehouse that feeds BI dashboards and on demand data exploration. Not only has the solution simplified operations, it has also increased trust in the company’s data, so staff are more willing to act on the analysis.


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