Optimising Marketing Spend Using Data & AI: Our 5 Steps for Success

Download the whitepaper and find out how you can turn data into your greatest opportunity, by optimising your marketing spend and demonstrating the value that you and your team bring to the rest of the business.

In this white paper, we’ll explore:

  • The importance of business intelligence, challenges and opportunities, tools, strategy, and processes
  • How to identify Key Performance Indicators
  • The importance of attributing your data 
  • How to convince laggards to make the move to cloud
  • How to choose the right data analytics platform

Research by the CMO Council found 57% of marketers think their CEO is only moderately satisfied with their marketing team's performance.


CMOs clearly need to be able to demonstrate that they're getting the best possible return from their budget while also proving their marketing activities are delivering value to the business.


Yet CMOs appear to have lost faith in the ability of marketing analytics to provide them with the hard facts to make their case.

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