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6 ways to enhance customer experience using Google Cloud

The generational shift from Gen X to Millennials and Gen Z has seen technology, media and distribution become increasingly intertwined. 

Big Data, analytics, social platforms and other cloud technologies are helping companies to gain real insight into their customers behavior.

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Enhance customer experience with Google Cloud

Explore the ways in which Google Cloud can help you to enhance customer experience, such as:

Automating end-to-end order fulfilment

Visualising competitor data to stay ahead

Bringing products to market faster

Setting up social communities to connect your customers

What customers want – as well as when, where and how they want it – is changing

"To build a community around our brands, we need to understand our users and what they’re interested in, and then engage them through relevant content. Ancoris helped us to accelerate our work to build personalised feeds. In three months, we’ve been able to save a year of work and develop the infrastructure needed to support our plans for the next two years. What Ancoris has delivered is a total game changer for us!"

Javier Arias González
CTO, Play Sports Network

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