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Expert Opinion: 11 steps to move to the cloud

Your organisation might have many reasons to move to the Cloud, but generally it comes down to the need to modernise.

However, if you want to learn from the mistakes of others before you start, consider this checklist. It will help you maximise your chances of a successful cloud migration.

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Explore our detailed approach to moving to the cloud, including how to:

Appoint a cloud architect to lead the migration

Define the level of cloud integration you want to adopt

Decide if you need to support a multi-cloud environment

Establish your performance baselines and cloud KPIs

Prioritise the order in which components are migrated

Define a detailed migration plan

A recent Forrester Consulting study, The Total Economic Impact™ says you could reduce costs and increase performance by as much as 90%

Our advice is to use the experience of others, as this will save you both money and time, but more importantly, guarantee your success.

At Ancoris, this is something we have been doing for some time now. Let us help you achieve a successful migration, no matter the size, complexity of your environments.

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