How to use location services to create an omnichannel experience

Having a view on where your customers are in relation to your place of trading, and how they can reach you or you can reach them, is vitally important for both in-store and online channels over web and mobile. Geolocation services can be used to interact with and communicate with customers.

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Explore the main areas that location services can be used to create an omnichannel experience, including:


  • Mobile and web store locators

  • Geomarketing for mobile applications

  • Geomarketing for decision making

  • Customer engagement applications

  • Visualisation of the supply chain

Consumers and retail have changed - there is a need for action

Investing in omnichannel and mobile with a mapping strategy will help forward-thinking retailers to provide customers with a personalised and consistent experience across all channels.

This will help you win the hearts and minds of customers, make better marketing decisions and increase business performance.

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