We have a fresh, new face

By: Andre Azevedo
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Published: Jun 13, 2023 9:42:10 AM
We have a fresh, new face

I’ll start by acknowledging this is far more important to me (and to us at Ancoris) than to the rest of the world. So bear with me for the self indulging post - or don’t and move on :-)

Ancoris has a new face and I’m greatly proud of it. Not just because it looks good and new, which it does, but also because it reflects who we are and what we aspire to be in the future. And it also marks two other important milestones for us. We celebrate 20 years this summer, and our heritage is something we are extremely proud of. And we have also just launched our brand new Gen AI practice, which couldn’t be more forward looking in terms of what we can achieve as a business and for our customers. 

More about our AI announcement here! The summary is that we’re not jumping on the bandwagon. We are joining Google on their journey to win the long-term game in AI, ensuring it’s fit for enterprise adoption and implemented responsibly. So we are jumping ahead of that wagon, and on a mission to create value for our customers as quickly and frictionlessly as possible. Want to know more, get in touch!

OK, so back to our new brand. As we accelerated the transformation of the company over the last few years, growing our business-enabling practices and going deeper in our relationship with Google, we set out to re-discover what defined us and our culture. So the team ran a process, involving lots of different people internally and externally, focus groups etc. And asked them how they’d describe Ancoris and our brand.

The process was fascinating, but more pleasing was the fact that everyone described our culture and our ethos in a way that was strikingly consistent. That for me is the key to having a brand and culture that is true to itself and its values and aspirations. Of all the words used to describe us, the three that summarised us were: Genuine, Trusted and Fresh. And I think our new “face” is just that. It represents our fresh approach and go to market, which translates into being a genuine and trusted partner with Google and in delivery for our customers.

So, what’s next? More, more, more. More of the things we are and want to be known for. More desire to bring innovative solutions to the market, and quickly. More focus on our customers and their experience. More emphasis on our people and their personal growth. And I’m excited to be part of it.

And we’re, of course, the best place to work!


Please note, this article was originally posted by Andre Azevedo on LinkedIn – see here for the original post here.


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