Ancoris named Leader for Data Analytics and Machine Learning in ISG Provider Lens™ Google Cloud Partner Ecosystem

By: Holly Norman
Published: Jul 9, 2024 2:24:51 PM
Ancoris named Leader for Data Analytics and Machine Learning in ISG Provider Lens™ Google Cloud Partner Ecosystem
  • Ancoris has been named a 2024 Leader for Data Analytics and Machine Learning following two consecutive years of Rising Star status in the quadrant.
  • ISG recognises Ancoris’ differentiated AI-Native approach and rapid prototyping capability as key strengths and accelerators for winning significant new clients in 2023-24.
  • Beyond its recognition in the Data Analytics and Machine Learning quadrant as a Leader, Ancoris is the only Google-dedicated partner to appear across all other relevant ISG quadrants: Implementation and Integration, Managed Services, and Workspace Services. 

London UK -July 9, 2024 - Ancoris, a UK-based Google Cloud services provider, has been named a Leader for Data Analytics and Machine Learning in ISG Provider Lens™ Google Cloud Partner Ecosystem 2024 report. The report released by ISG today provides a comprehensive independent overview of the Google partner landscape, alongside analysis of the strengths and capabilities of each individual provider. 

“The Data Analytics and Machine Learning quadrant represents the most dynamic, innovative and competitive part of the Google Ecosystem” where only 9 of the 43 companies assessed for this quadrant were awarded Leader positions. “Ancoris is making significant investments in GenAI skills and assets” as it pivots to help Enterprise and Public Sector organisations embed AI across the organisation to help solve their biggest challenges. 

“We are so thrilled to have been recognised as a Leader in the Data Analytics and Machine Learning quadrant this year,” says Andre Azevedo, Ancoris CEO. “When we made the decision to invest in Generative AI and launch a dedicated practice in June 2023, we knew we had the capability to be successful, but how the market and our customers would respond was unknown. Ancoris has had a robust and mature data practice for a long time, but the introduction of Generative AI last year opened up customers' imaginations to how AI could transform their organisation,” Azevedo continues. “As a result, the last 12 months have been transformative for our business - we’ve started valuable relationships with many new Enterprise and Public Sector customers, expanded existing relationships, and are doing more innovative work than ever before.”  

ISG recognises Ancoris’ innovative AI-Native approach to helping customers overcome business challenges and its rapid prototyping capability as an accelerator in helping customers see tangible benefit from AI quickly. “The reality of Generative AI adoption is there’s still a lot of hype, limited public references, and very little benchmark data to help customers build financial cases for Generative AI investment,” says Matt Frank, Ancoris Chief AI and Innovation Officer. 

“It’s why we focus on meeting customers wherever they are on their AI adoption journey,” Frank continues. “It’s important that we get something tangible and actionable in front of the customer as soon as possible, whether that’s developing and prioritising use cases through our Actionable AI Framework consulting services, or taking use cases from prototype to production with our Simple methodology and rapid prototyping. We find demonstrating value quickly and aligning with strategic outcomes accelerates adoption and sets customers on a more meaningful AI adoption path.” 

Ancoris is also recognised as a Product Challenger across the three other quadrants it responded to: Implementation and Integration, Managed Services, and Workspace. “To be the only Google-dedicated Partner to feature across these 4 key quadrants is a testament to our focus and our methodology for solving customer problems,” Azevedo comments. “It’s the combination of our capabilities across data and AI, software engineering, and cloud infrastructure that make us different.. Data & AI capabilities are a key skill, but to bring AI-native solutions to life you need to build the user experience and integrate it across systems and processes. Our ability to embed AI into existing or new applications, business systems, or processes - and do it all on secure and robust Google infrastructure - is a true differentiator against the other pure data players in the ecosystem.” 

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About Ancoris

Ancoris is a leading Google Cloud Services Provider, headquartered in the UK, on a mission to become the most innovative Google Cloud partner in the ecosystem. Ancoris leverages its strong problem solving skills and continuous improvement approach to help customers become AI Native and stay ahead of their competition. Ancoris has extensive experience in Google Cloud technologies helping enterprises integrate AI-native solutions into their business through expertise in Data & AI, Application and Infrastructure Modernisation, Workspace, and Maps. Ancoris was recognized as a Leader for Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning in the ISG Provider™ Lens for Google Cloud Partner Ecosystem in 2024, and a Rising Star in 2022 and 2023. Ancoris was awarded Google Cloud’s 2024 EMEA Public Sector Partner of the Year award. Ancoris employs the best in the business and was named in the Top 10 Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2023, and a Top Place to Work in 2024.

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