Understanding the principles of cost optimisation with Google Cloud

As businesses consider how to weather the road ahead, here is what you need to know about allocating IT resources.

It's not simply about spending less, but about knowing which projects to prioritise to maintain business continuity and ensure longevity.

This Google Cloud guide provides an overview of the key areas we see our customers prioritizing their investments, creating operational efficiencies, and the many ways Google Cloud can support you in this journey.

Download the whitepaper to learn more.

Learn how to use built-in cost optimisation features in Google Cloud, including:


  • Principles and processes to optimise your cloud costs
  • Optimising compute costs
  • Optimising storage costs
  • Optimising networking costs
  • Optimising data analytics costs with BigQuery

Your ability to shift and change as the business changes matters more than ever

Getting more out of your cloud resources can translate into more customers served, more issues resolved, and more adaptability for the overall business.

Using your cloud resources more efficiently can help your team and business adjust to these new realities, and be as effective as possible.

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Is this really free?


Absolutely! Technology changes at pace so it’s hard to keep up to date. By sharing some free knowledge and best practice, we hope to help you make the right decisions for your business. Keep us in mind next time you have questions on Google Cloud!

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